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The WY2E amateur radio station is located in Dutchess County; the Mid Hudson River Valley Region of New York State. Extra Class Amateur Radio License; First licensed in 2006 and FCC First Class Radio Telephone Operators License (General Radio Operator License) 1969. My first commercial station assignment in US Army was at AFKN Radio & TV, Pusan Korea in 1967 as station engineer.

First licensed as KC2QFR.

Grid FN31bo, ITU Region 8, CQ 5

QSL:, LoTW, preferred for DX Cards. Bureau and Direct are okay.

A self addressed envelope means a faster reply. Postage nice, but not necessary. Post cards in the US are fine.

Email notification is always nice if you are sending a paper QSL:

See select eQSL cards in my QSL Photo library on Picassao

Digital Modes Club DMC# 0860 | Feld Held Club FH# 0911

30m Digital Group 30MDG# 0984 | PODXS 070# 765

European PSK Club EPC#

I hope to meet you on the airwaves.
Thanks for stopping by... 73 de WY2E , Fred

Monday, October 3, 2011

Building Softrock Ensamble RXTX

Finished building a Building Softrock Ensemble RXTX for 40/30/20m,  up to receiver. All checked out fine. The receiver works great with SDR-Radio running on a Dell Notebook PC running Vista. Now on to the transmitter. Where can you get a 3 band SDR for $74 USD.

Even though I know the resistor color code by heart, I measure all resistor before soldering. Be careful of those that have all color bands ( no gold or silver) as you can read them from each end and if you do, you may read the wrong value. You will get two different values if you do so.

73 de Fred

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Ready for ARRL Field Day 2011 June 25-26 : QSY Society Amateur Radio Club will be on 160m-6m, 3A ENY, from 85 Sheafe Road, Wappingers Falls, NY 12590.  We will operate primarily CW, SSB with some Digital.Modes (PSK31, PSK63) if my Digi Friends are on Air. Please operate PSK31, PSK63 this Field Day. You will have some fun.

1800 UTC Saturday and ending at 2100 UTC Sunday

US & Canada exchange is Class + ARRL Section. The QSY Society willm be : K2QS 3A ENY

DX Stations exchange is  Class + DX. See ARRL Field Day Rules for your Class.  |